New Home Building Inspections

Whether it's your first home, investment property or forever home it makes no difference, you deserve a quality product.

Private Building Inspectors provide New Home Building Inspections & Building Inspection Reports throughout Melbourne during the construction process checking the quality of workmanship completed by builders and their trades people.

Each inspection is supplied with building inspection reports, emailed to you with photos typically within 24 hrs. 

  • We identify defects at crucial stages of the build, so they can be repaired before they are covered up.

  • We take photo’s and provide a written report so you can communicate these defects back to your builder.

  • We can provide follow up building inspections to confirm repairs have be completed.

  • We have a detailed understanding of relevant Australian Standards, the Building Industry Guide to standards and tolerance and Building Code of Australia.

  • We can review manufacturers installation requirements to insure works are appropriately completed.















This service which we provide is known throughout the industry by several different names:

  • New Home Building Inspections

  • Building Inspections Melbourne

  • Quality Assurance Inspections

  • Building Stage Inspections

  • Construction inspections

  • Independent Building Inspections

  • Private Building Inspections



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"The experience gained by managing the construction of some 200 homes and personally completing next to 1000 inspections makes us the right choice for your peace of mind."

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